We are Virtual Media Tours

A company that’s core mission is to deliver the
highest quality real estate media there is to offer.

Our story

With first impressions being online these days, it has become increasingly important for realtors to stay current and relevant within their market. In 2017, brothers Nick & Daniel Hoisington recognized that the Southeast was lacking consistent and cost effective media that could compete on a national level and created Virtual Media Tours.

Virtual Media Tours connects top photographers, videographers, and editors within a seamless system to strategically execute a solid media program for their clients. Every shoot ensures top quality, as aperture settings, drone movements, camera stabilization, and other details are all precisely indicated.

Virtual Media Tours specifically hires people that make every effort to be thoughtful, kind, dedicated, and overall, professional. Not only are these individuals full of talent, but they are great people to be around and invite into your home.

Meet the team

Nick Hoisington
Daniel Hoisington

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